Farmer’s Choice Celebrity Kitchen

Farmer's Choice Celebrity Kitchen

Join us in the Farmer’s Choice Celebrity Kitchen!

If you’ve ever managed to peek behind the doors of a bustling restaurant kitchen, you know there is an energy and atmosphere amongst chefs that is hard to beat. We are putting that energy in front of a crowd!

With a lineup of some of Sydney’s most renowned and respected chefs, we will be hosting live cooking demonstrations and workshops for our Taste in the City attendees all weekend long.

With the kitchen hosted by TV favourite, Peter Everett, budding home cooks will be shown exactly why the tables and kitchens of renowned chefs are so delicious and welcoming;

With restaurants, cookbooks, TV appearances and award wining cocktails under their belts, this talented team will host the Taste In The City workshops, leaving crowds inspired and ready to whip up something special in their own kitchens! are so delicious and welcoming.

Celebrity Kitchen at Taste In The City

Masterclass Timetable

Hosted by Peter Everett

Saturday, 2nd September

11:00am Arrnott Olssen
12:15pm Mindy Woods
1:30pm Jason Roberts
2:30pm Margarita Masterclass
3:15pm Danny Russo

Sunday, 3rd September

11:00am Mindy Woods
12:00pm Colin Fassnindge
1:15pm Arrnott Olssen
2:15pm Jason Roberts
3:15pm Margarita Masterclass

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